Já faz algum tempo que o Retroarch tem usado IA (Inteligência Artificial) para todos os cores no PC e outras plataformas, agora a Libretro lança a versão 1.8.2 com suporte a acessibilidade para pessoas com deficiência, o Retroarch irá ler os textos na tela e começar a falar, assim pessoas com deficiencia podem jogar mais facilmente, entender o que se passa nos jogos, principalmente os que não possuem narração fora das cenas de CGI, como é no caso do Dissidia FF de PSP que está no vídeo, ainda não é algo perfeito, mas vejam que é um otimo avanço para um emulador que tem a premissa de sair em todas as plataformas possíveis chegar também a mais pessoas, não importando como ela joga e diminuindo barreiras dentro disso o change log está no spoiler abaixo, ele como sempre, é bem grande!

[spoiler=”Retroarch 1.8.2 Changelog”]

BUG/CRASH/GLSLANG: Fix glslang crashing error – managed to reproduce an issue which has been plaguing users for a while, where glslang throws an assert after closing a game (and starting a new one). This would affect all video drivers that use Slang for shaders, such as D3D10/11/12/Vulkan/Metal
CHEEVOS: Display Unofficial and Unsupported achievement states
CHEEVOS: Pass RetroArch and core versions through User-Agent HTTP header
CHEEVOS: Use PSX.EXE if SYSTEM.CNF cannot be found
CHEEVOS: Prevent loading state while achievements are still being fetched from server
CHEEVOS: Pause hardcore if core doesn’t support achievements
CHEEVOS/CRASH: Fix AddressSanitizer + CHD cause hard crash when Cheevos are enabled
CORE UPDATER: Only download when new core is available
CORE UPDATER: Add option to update all installed cores
DRM/KMS: Better detection for the current video mode
DYNAMIC RATE CONTROL: Support DRC even when using a vsync swap interval higher than 1
EMSCRIPTEN: Fix bug in Emscripten input code
EMSCRIPTEN: Changes to support upgraded emscripten SDK
FFMPEG CORE: Hardware accelerated video decoding
FFMPEG CORE: Implement send/receive encoding API, will allow for hardware accelerated AMD video encoding
FFMPEG CORE: The video FIFO can be removed, since we have a ring buffer in its place. This removes unneeded copy operations and as a positive side improves overall decoding speed. Makes 8k60p SW and 4k60p HW decoding feasible on many systems. For now the ring buffer is 32 images deep. This limitation will be removed, once audio and video decoder have their own packet handling.
INPUT: Fix ‘Analog stick controls menu even if autoconfig disabled’
INPUT/TURBO: Added alternate Turbo-Mode ‘Single Button’ – For systems supporting only a single button, the turbo-button will toggle firing that button without the need to hold it. When holding the button turbo will be suspended and resumed when the button is released. Holding the button may have a different function to just tapping it.
IOS: Forcibly disable Threaded Video until UIWindow concurrency issues are fixed
INPUT/ANALOG: Fix radial analog deadzone scaling
INPUT/ANALOG: Implement proper analog button deadzone
INPUT/MENU: Analog stick controls menu even if autoconfig disabled
LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation
LOCALIZATION: Update French translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese Brazilian Translation
LOCALIZATION: Update Turkish translation
LINUX/LOCALIZATION: Correct Droid Sans Fallback font path in Linux. This should fix Chinese/Korean font display issues on Fedora/RHEL/CentOS/openSUSE/SLE
MENU/BUGFIX: When using a keyboard/gamepad/mouse wheel to navigate, the menu scroll position is always maintained and updated in a consistent (and expected) fashion
MENU/BUGFIX: When resizing the window, or changing the orientation of a mobile device, the current scroll position is correctly preserved
MENU/BUGFIX: All ‘normal’ pointer input is now inhibited when showing message boxes
MENU/BUGFIX: The pointer actions ‘select’ and ‘cancel’ both now properly close a message box if it is currently being shown
MENU/BUGFIX: Pointer ‘select’ and ‘cancel’ actions are now inhibited when an input bind dialog is active
MENU/INPUT: Change ‘User’ terminology to ‘Port’ for input binding
MENU/LINUX: Add proper drives to Load Content
MENU/MATERIALUI: Halt scrolling when pointer is pressed/stationary
MENU/MATERIALUI: Dual thumbnail view
MENU/MATERIALUI: Fullscreen thumbnail viewer for boxart
MENU/MATERIALUI: Scroll rapidly by press and holding the scrollbar
MENU/RGUI: New theme ‘Flux’
MENU/OZONE: Thumbnails now have a fade-in animation
MENU/OZONE: Fullscreen thumbnail viewer for boxart and pictures
MENU/QT/WIMP: Fix dock titles getting cut off
MENU/XMB: Fullscreen thumbnail viewer for boxart and pictures
MENU/USABILITY: Selectively hide ‘Disallow Non-Slave Mode Clients’ if ‘Allow Slave-Mode Clients’ is disabled
MENU/USABILITY: Hide ‘Show desktop menu on startup’ if ‘Desktop menu’ setting itself is disabled

MENU/USABILITY: Reimplement Quick Menu – > Shaders -> Watch shader files for changes – can now be turned on/off through touch
MENU/USABILITY: Refactor Quick Menu – Controls – each port now has its own submenu
MENU/USABILITY: Quick Menu – Cheats – Delete All no longer requires five right button presses – this should fix this functionality for mobile touch users too
MENU/USABILITY: Hide Refresh Rate options when Threaded Video is enabled – these settings do nothing with Threaded Video
MENU/USABILITY: Hide Logging Verbosity levels behind Logging Verbosity
MENU/USABILITY: Get rid of ‘Port Number’ label for Port Binds screen
MENU/USABILITY/MOBILE: Should no longer crash when clicking on a cheat entry
MENU/USABILITY: Shader parameters now have a dropdown list
MENU/USABILITY: Shader passes now has a dropdown list
MENU/USABILITY: Video – Hide Windowed Mode settings selectively
MENU/USABILITY: Video – Hide Fullscreen Mode settings if windowed mode is not supported by context driver
MENU/USABILITY: Selectively hide Network Command Port
MENU/USABILITY: Selectively hide Relay Server Location
MENU/USABILITY: User Interface -> Appearance – Selectively hide XMB Horizontal Animation setting
MENU/USABILITY: Playlists – more selective hiding
MENU/USABILITY: Selectively hide Rewind Settings
MENU/USABILITY: Selectively hide Overlay Settings
MENU/USABILITY: Selectively hide FPS Update Interval based on Display Framerate being enabled
MENU/USABILITY: Selectively hide Onscreen Notifications BG Color Settings
MENU/USABILITY: Settings -> Logging – Hide ‘Log To File Timestamp’ if ‘Log To File’ is disabled
MENU/USABILITY: Video -> Scaling – Hide Custom Viewport X/Y when Integer Scale is enabled as description indicates
MENU/USABILITY: Achievement submenu – selectively hide
MENU/USABILITY: Settings -> Video -> Aspect ratio – selectively hide/show values based on whether you have Custom or Config selected
MENU/USABILITY: Settings -> Video -> Selectively hide Hard Sync
MENU/USABILITY: Settings -> Video -> Implement selective hiding for VSync and Hard Sync
MENU/USABILITY: Selective hiding of Runahead settings based on global setting
MENU/USABILITY: Add Input -> Haptic Feedback submenu
MENU/USABILITY: Add Input -> Menu Controls submenu
MENU/USABILITY: Settings -> Video -> Max Swapchain Images – Add OK action
MENU/USABILITY: Input – Implement OK action for Bind Hold, Turbo Period and Duty Cycle
MENU/USABILITY: Input – Hotkey Binds refactor
MENU/USABILITY: Move ‘Press Quit Twice’ and ‘Menu Toggle Gamepad Combo’ to Input -> Hotkey Binds
MENU/USABILITY: Video – Add sublabel for Video Output submenu
MENU/USABILITY: If ‘Favorites Tab’ is disabled, don’t show ‘Add To Favorites’ option in Quick Menu/Playlist menu
MENU/USABILITY: If On-Demand Thumbnail Downloader is enabled, hide ‘Download Thumbnails’ from playlist menu screen
MENU/USABILITY: Add Audio Driver setting to Audio -> Output
MENU/USABILITY: Add Audio -> Resampler settings
MENU/USABILITY: Add Audio -> Output and Audio -> Synchronization
OPENGL: Shaders are now working properly (only in OpenGL) when rotating both from Core API rotation and from menu video rotation. The fix is clearly visible with crt-royale for example
OPENGL: 1:1 PAR is now correct when rotating (both from Core API rotation and from menu video rotation, as you said, in the latter case you currently have to change Aspect Ratio after menu video rotation for it to work)
OPENGL: When using Custom Aspect Ratio and rotation (both from Core API rotation and from menu video rotation), Integer Scaling is now working properly (correct multiples of internal resolution). Even when Integer Scaling is not activated, the Custom AR width / height are now correctly labeled using (1x), (2x), … suffixes. You also have to activate Integer Scaling after menu video rotation for it to work
OPENGL: For all other Aspect Ratio options, Integer Scaling and rotation (both from Core API rotation and from menu video rotation) are now working properly together (correct multiples of internal resolution). You also have to activate Integer Scaling after menu video rotation for it to work
OPENBSD/POWERPC: Should build now on OpenBSD PowerPC
PLAYLISTS: Pressing ‘Start’ or long touching a playlist will bring you to a Playlist submenu where you can set a default core, setup thumbnail view, delete the playlist, etc
OSX: Forcibly disable Threaded Video until NSWindow concurrency issues are fixed
PSP: Solving issue exiting RetroArch by HOME button
SCANNER: Manual scanner, not dependent on database files
SCANNER/MANUAL: Add option to scan inside archives
SCANNER/MANUAL: Enable automatic naming of arcade content via DAT files. This is compatible with DAT files in either Logiqx XML or MAME List XML format.
VIDEO: Do not reinit video driver on SET_SYSTEM_AV_INFO unless needed
VIDEO: Support DRC even when using a vsync swap interval higher than 1
VIDEO LAYOUT: Fixed XML parsing of attributes with spaces, should fix issues with several video layouts
VITA: GL1 driver support
VITA/VITA2D: Several improvements to Vita 2D driver – menu widgets implemented
VITA/VITA2D: Fix clipping and reduce number of calls
VULKAN/ANDROID: Workaround weird WSI return codes in landscape mode – Android WSI wants you to use preTransform, and if it is not used correctly, Android 10 will return VK_SUBOPTIMAL_KHR, and we would create a new swapchain every frame. This workaround just ignores this error, since it’s not really an error. A more “proper” fix is to use prerotate and modify the MVP matrices, which might help certain devices with crummy display processors
VULKAN/ANDROID: Recreate swapchain on orientation change. ANativeWindow getWidth/Height does not detect any changes when using Vulkan, so use the old onContentRectChanged callback to get notified when size changed. Use those values instead when figuring out how large swapchain to create
WINDOWS/XINPUT: Get rid of 128 byte device name limit for XInput device discover – when device name was too long, it would not be picked up by the XInput driver and would instead fallback to DirectInput
WINDOWS: ANGLE OpenGL ES 2 support
UWP: Fix crashes on startup / prompt for folder permissions when trying to load custom.ini
UWP: Fix – Mouse input is offset on high DPI monitors
UWP: Fix – Keyboard input hangs sometimes
UWP: Fix – Multi-touch support
UWP: Fix – Enable menu touch input by default
UWP: Fix – Get user language
UWP: Fix – Get CPU model name
UWP: Fix – Use GLUI instead of XMB on Windows Mobile 10
UWP: ANGLE OpenGL ES 2 support


O Uso da acessiblidade você pode ver no video abaixo:


Retroarch PS4

este port não oficial do retroarch para PS4, feito pelos devs Flatz, Frangar e BigBoss, apenas para quem tem o console desbloqueado na unica firmware existente para desblqueio que é a 5.05, vem com a escolha de 25 cores (emuladores) dos quais são:


2048_libretro.self – 2048 core
dosbox_libretro.self – DOSbox 0.74, MS-DOS Emulator
desmume2015_libretro.self – Nintendo DS [NDS]
fceumm_libretro.self – FCEUmm, Nintendo Entertainment System [NES]
gearboy_libretro.self – Gearboy, Game Boy [DMG + Color]
genesis_plus_gx_libretro.self – Genesis Plus GX, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive & Sega CD & Sega Master System
mame2000_libretro.self – MAME 0.37b5, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
mame2003_libretro.self – MAME 0.72, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
mame2003_plus_libretro.self – MAME 0.72+, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
mednafen_gba_libretro.self – MednaFen GBA, Game Boy Advance [GBA]
mednafen_lynx_libretro.self – MednaFen Lynx, Atari Lynx
mednafen_ngp_libretro.self – MednaFen NeoPop, Neo-Geo Pocket [Color]
mednafen_snes_libretro.self – MednaFen SNES, Super Nintendo [SNES]
mednafen_vb_libretro.self – MednaFen VB, Virtual Boy
mednafen_wswan_libretro.self – MednaFen WonderSwan, Bandai WonderSwan [+ Color]
mgba_libretro.self – mGBA, Game Boy Advance [GBA]
parallel_n64_libretro.self – Nintendo 64 (Experimental) [N64]
pcsx_rearmed_libretro.self – PCSX ReARMed, PlayStation 1 [PS1]
picodrive_libretro.self – PicoDrive, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive & Sega CD & Sega 32X
quicknes_libretro.self – QuickNES, Nintendo Entertainment System [NES]
snes9x2002_libretro.self – Snes9X 2002, Super Nintendo [SNES]
snes9x2005_libretro.self – Snes9x 2005, Super Nintendo [SNES]
snes9x2005_plus_libretro.self – Snes9x 2005 Plus, Super Nintendo [SNES]
snes9x2010_libretro.self – Snes9x 2010, Super Nintendo [SNES]
snes9x_libretro.self – Snes9x, Super Nintendo [SNES]


Novos Cores Update R2:

  • desmume_libretro.self – Nintendo DS [NDS]
  • fbalpha2012_libretro.self – FB Alpha 2012 v0.2.97.29, Arcade Machine Emulator [Various]
  • fbalpha2012_cps1_libretro.self – FB Alpha 2012 CPS1 v0.2.97.28, Capcom Play System [CPS1]
  • fbalpha2012_cps2_libretro.self – FB Alpha 2012 CPS2 v0.2.97.28, Capcom Play System II [CPS2]
  • fbalpha2012_cps3_libretro.self – FB Alpha 2012 CPS3 v0.2.97.29, Capcom Play System II [CPS3]
  • fbalpha2012_neogeo_libretro.self – FB Alpha 2012 NeoGeo v0.2.97.29, SNK Neo-Geo AES/MVS
  • fmsx_libretro.self – fMSX, MSX 1/2 Emulator
  • mednafen_pcfx_libretro.self – Mednafen PC-FX, NEC PC-FX
  • mednafen_supergrafx_libretro.self – Mednafen SuperGrafx, NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx
  • mupen64plus_libretro.self – Nintendo 64 [N64]
  • mupen64plus_next_libretro.self – Nintendo 64 [N64]
  • yabause_libretro.self – Yabause, Sega Saturn
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