[Todos os Consoles] Retroarch 1.9.6

Mais uma update do retroarch, atualize pelo proprio emulador e os cores usados, caso seu console não suporte auto update baixe direto do site da libretro.


  • ANDROID: Do not duplicate port 0 mouse and gun inputs to other ports
  • AUDIO/XAUDIO2: Fail instead of crashing when disconnecting an audio device
  • CHEEVOS: Reset cached progress each time menu is opened
  • CRT/SWITCHRES: Add support for switchres.ini core and directory overrides
  • D3D11: Don’t use allow tearing flag with blit swap chains. Also disables the flip model if the allow tearing flag is not supported.
  • D3D11: Disable DXGI’s ALT+ENTER handling
  • D3D11: Don’t pass ALLOW_TEARING when unsupported
  • D3D11: Fix non-vsynced output without flip, black screens in fullscreen
  • D3D12: Relcoated ‘d3d12_gfx_sync’
  • D3D12: Fixed swap interval option
  • GFX: Fix uninitialized variables in gfx_display_draw_cursor
  • INPUT: ‘Analog to Digital Type’ usability improvements
  • INPUT: Add support for mapping multiple controllers to a single input device
  • INPUT/REMAPPING: Add support for mapping multiple controllers to a single input device
  • INPUT/LIGHTGUN: Bind lightgun trigger to first mouse button by default
  • INPUT/WINDOWS/RAWINPUT: Mouse access violation fix
  • INPUT/UDEV: Only add mouse if it has buttons and add vebose device friendly names
  • INPUT/UDEV: Skip mouse with no button errors and keep the rest
  • INPUT/UDEV: Fix Game Focus mode
  • INPUT/UDEV/X11: Change udev driver for dual lightgun support in X11
  • LOCALIZATION: Fetch translations from Crowdin
  • LOCALIZATION: Fix Switchres menu texts
  • MENU/OZONE: Ensure sidebar display status is updated correctly when performing rapid menu navigation
  • MENU/XMB: Dynamic wallpaper fix
  • MENU/XMB: Icon opacity fix
  • SECURITY: Plug so-called high-risk vulnerability related to Powershell – avoid injection – don’t send speech input as commandline argument
  • UWP/XBOX: Add expanded resources Rescap to increase performance of UWP version in app mode on Xbox
  • WINDOWS/INSTALLER: Add smarter isEmptyDir reference implementation that looks for subdirectories from NSIS documentation
  • WINDOWS/INSTALLER: Register new function DirectorySet that is called when pressing the “Next” button on the MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY, aka the install folder selection GUI. DirectorySet contains the criteria for an acceptable folder, which are:
    • IfFileExists "$INSTDIR\retroarch.exe" returns 1
    • IfFileExists "$INSTDIR\*.* returns 0, there is no existing folder
    • IfFileExists "$INSTDIR\*.*" returns 1, there is a folder, and isEmptyDir returns 1, therefore the folder is empty, including of subdirectories
  • X11: Fix threaded video segfault
[Todos os Consoles] Retroarch 1.9.6
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