No$GBA 3.0

O que é velho sempre é bom, e o que é bom, pode sempre ficar melhor, isto é o que temos na nova update do No$GBA como carregar e desmontar, arquivos 3DS FIRM.

  • DSi emulation received some low-level tweaks such as an 8MHz SPI bus clock and some things related to MMIO
  • When setting up controls, you are now able to assign DEL/BS keys and the disassembler supports a new opcode
  • Many more components of the Nintendo 3DS (both old and new) have been reverse-engineered
    • Thanks to this, more documentation about the 3DS is available when it comes to emulating it which may led to better 3DS emulators down the line
  • You can load and disassemble 3DS FIRM and MCU files but it must be noted that no 3DS hardware is being emulated right now although this might change some day!DOWNLOAD


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No$GBA 3.0
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