[PSP / PSP Go / PS Vita] Ark-4 CFW

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Recursos da CFW ARK
  • Core system for unsigned code execution on every PSP device based on 6.60 kernel.
  • Inferno driver Version 2 compatible with ISO, CSO, ZSO, JSO, CSOv2 and DAX formats.
  • Popcorn controller for custom PS1 games. Compatible with PopsLoader V3 and V4i.
  • Stargate No-DRM engine.
  • Plugin support for PSP games, PSX games and VSH (XMB), including the ability to enable and disable plugins per-game.
  • Compatible with all PSP models on firmwares 6.60 and 6.61.
  • Compatible with all PS Vita models on firmware 2.10 and up.
  • Minimalistic: only 6 files installed on PSP flash, CFW extensions are installed on memory stick.
  • Custom game launcher with built-in game categories, file browser, FTP server and client, modernized look and more.
  • Compatible with PRO Online.
  • Compatible with Legacy Homebrew via eLoader and Leda.

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Melhorias Ark-4.18
  • Cleanup of LZO library, reduces memory consumption of CFW core.
  • Moved VLF patches to Vita compat layer, should fix VLF issues on PSP (if there were any).
  • Custom Launcher can now be set to start on file browser instead of game menu.
  • Added dedicatory message every 3rd of July for Gregory Pitka.


[PSP / PSP Go / PS Vita] Ark-4 CFW
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