[Nintendo Switch] Hekate v5.6.0 & Nyx v1.0.6

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Hekate é o Bootloader gráfico personalizado do Nintendo Switch, patcher de firmware, ferramentas e muito mais.

Possuindo muitas funções, é com ele que fazemos o multi-boot para Switch original, CFW, Android e Ubuntu,tornando o aparelho praticamente um tablet multi funções.

Funções Padrão do Hekate & Nyx
  • Fully Configurable and Graphical with Touchscreen and Joycon input support
  • Launcher Style, Background and Color Themes
  • HOS (Switch OS) Bootloader — For CFW Sys/Emu, OFW Sys and Stock Sys
  • Android & Linux Bootloader
  • Payload Launcher
  • eMMC/emuMMC Backup/Restore Tools
  • SD Card Partition Manager — Prepares and formats SD Card for any combo of HOS (Sys/emuMMC), Android and Linux
  • emuMMC Creation & Manager — Can also migrate and fix existing emuMMC
  • Switch Android & Linux flasher
  • USB Mass Storage (UMS) for SD/eMMC/emuMMC — Converts Switch into a SD Card Reader
  • USB Gamepad — Converts Switch with Joycon into a USB HID Gamepad
  • Hardware and Peripherals info (SoC, Fuses, RAM, Display, Touch, eMMC, SD, Battery, PSU, Charger)
  • Many other tools like Archive Bit Fixer, Touch Calibration, SD/eMMC Benchmark, AutoRCM enabler and more

Com o Hekate v5.6.0 & Nyx v1.0.6 as mudanças são as seguintes:

Melhorias e Novos Recursos
  • Full support for Switch OLED (Aula)
    For basically Display, HW/Fuses, Dram, boot (will need HOS 13.0.0), etc, In case you are able to run it there.
    As for display, that’s subject to change on “how it works” if OLED panel mods for earlier Switch (Icosa/Iowa) appear.
  • Sept is now completely removed
    Boot process on Erista 7.0.0 and up is now completely overhauled
    It’s also now autonomous thanks to bundled new TSEC Keygen firmware by Atmosphere
  • Wrongly flashed pkg1 can now be identified and inform user
    Erista pkg1 on Mariko or Mariko pkg1 on Erista.


[Nintendo Switch] Hekate v5.6.0 & Nyx v1.0.6
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