[Nintendo Switch] DeepSea

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Deep Sea, o firmware AiO para o Nintendo Switch em nova update, contas com varias novidades, inluindo as que já possuem na versão anterior:

Spoiler title
  • Background FTP server for filetransfers
  • Install NSP, NSZ, XCI & XCZ files from Harddrive, Google Drive, WLAN or wired through PC, Smartphone, etc
  • Over & Underclocking
  • Update OFW & CFW through homebrew
  • Find new homebrew through the Appstore
  • Savegame management
  • Cheating in games (please dont cheat online)
  • Emulate Amiibos
  • Use all kinds of 3rd party controllers
  • Lan play (like Hamachi for your Switch)
  • Tesla overlay to controll all those features (Press L1+DpadDown+RightStick)

Agora na versão 3.0.1 com as melhorias e novidades seguintes:

Atualização e melhorias
  • Updated Atmosphère 0.20.0 and 0.20.1
    * A number of minor issues were fixed, including:
    * An issue was fixed in dns.mitm that caused a crash when games attempted to resolve the IP address of nullptr.
    * An issue was fixed in erpt that would cause an abort when booting without having ever booted stock previously.
    * An issue was fixed in (file-based) emummc that caused an error on system format/downloading certain games.
    * An issue was fixed that caused severely degraded performance after wake-from-sleep on Mariko hardware.
    * General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.
    • Updated Hekate 5.6.0
      • Full support for Switch OLED (Aula)
      • Sept is now completely removed
      • Wrongly flashed pkg1 can now be identified and inform user Erista pkg1 on Mariko or Mariko pkg1 on Erista.
    • Enabled ldn_mitm
    • Enabled sys-con
    • Added back MissionControl

Faça download abaxio ou atualize diretamente do DeepSea.


[Nintendo Switch] DeepSea
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