[Nintendo 3DS] Twilight Menu++ & Bootstrap

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Mais uma semana na qual dispositivos Nintendo dominam nos homebrews! Hoje começamos com Twilight Menu ++ tendo as seguintes novidades:

Twlight Menu ++
  • Added IMA-ADPCM .wav support for custom themes!
    • bgm.wav file goes in the same place as bgm.pcm.raw. In order for the correct file to play, make sure there’s no existing bgm.pcm.raw file, before adding bgm.wav.
    • Regular PCM .wav files are not supported.

Bug fix

  • Fixed where the bootstrap setting wouldn’t save in the homebrew’s per-game settings.

Já com o Bootstrap, temos funções novas e melhorias:


What’s new?

  • You can now access the in-game menu, while running DSi-Enhanced/Exclusive games in DSi mode!
    • Take screenshots, alongside changing the clock speed and VRAM boost settings to their DS versions.

Bug fixes

  • The patch offset cache from the previous nds-bootstrap version for each launched ROM should now be properly cleared without having to manually delete the patchOffsetCache folder in sd:/_nds/nds-bootstrap/.
  • Fixed an overlooked bug that broke some homebrew compatibility.

Para atualização no DSi veja nosso guia do DSi e instalação 3DS veja no github do criador, por hora.

Download Boostrap

Download Twilight Menu ++

[Nintendo 3DS] Twilight Menu++ & Bootstrap
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