[Nintendo Switch] DeepSea 3.1.0

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Deep Sea, o firmware AiO para o Nintendo Switch tem nova update e conta com varias novidades, incluindo as que já possuem na versão anterior.

Spoiler title
  • Background FTP server for filetransfers
  • Install NSP, NSZ, XCI & XCZ files from Harddrive, Google Drive, WLAN or wired through PC, Smartphone, etc
  • Over & Underclocking
  • Update OFW & CFW through homebrew
  • Find new homebrew through the Appstore
  • Savegame management
  • Cheating in games (please dont cheat online)
  • Emulate Amiibos
  • Use all kinds of 3rd party controllers
  • Lan play (like Hamachi for your Switch)
  • Tesla overlay to controll all those features (Press L1+DpadDown+RightStick)
Updated Atmosphère 1.0
* Atmosphère has changed a lot under the hood for the 1.0.0 release. The best way to update is to remove everything off your sdcard (Excluding the nintendo and emummc folders)
* Updating via AIO updater could cause issues because of leftover files. Make sure you update manually if experiencing issues.

Updated JKSV 09.01.2021
* Adds Traditional Chinese support back thanks to @qazrfv1234
* Fixes output paths/title definitions not being read after initial import of old configurations
* Separates trash bin into sub folders so trashed backups aren't impossible to find.

Updated ldn_mitm v1.9.0

Updated aio-switch-updater
[Nintendo Switch] DeepSea 3.1.0
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