[Nintendo 3DS] Luma 3DS 10.3 – Após 2 Anos Sem Novidades

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Queridos amigos da rede NewsInside de homebrews, estamos chegando com a atualização que vai te surpreender.

As novidades e melhorias confira abaixo:

Melhorias Luma 3DS
  • Add more detailed battery percentage, plus battery voltage and temperature
  • Add an option to dump the DSP firmware from Home Menu, effectively making programs like DSP1 obsolete
  • Split NTP and user time offset nullification. This means two things:
    – Time changes are immmediately visible and you do not need to reboot your console after using the feature anymore (although Home Menu might not always immmediately display the new time — just open and close an application in that case)
    – Programs like ctr-no-timeoffset should not be needed anymore. Also, even if 3ds.hacks.guide recommends it and GodMode9 mandates it, time offset nullification should not be done
  • Also improve the precision of the NTP client implementation and fix a few bugs. It can be precise as +- 1ms (usually), although some of this precision is lost when rebooting
    Do not initialize the screens in the very common case the user has only one payload in the /luma/payloads folder, effectively working around a long-standing bug
  • Fix reading emuNAND sector 0 for RedNAND and Gateway-style emuNAND (#1687, @aspargas2)
  • Fix a few bugs in the cheat system (#1623, @s5bug)
  • Add ASCII View to Rosalina Process List (#1703, @George-lewis)
  • Allow using game-patching on Home Menu (#1634, @gabe565)
  • Wait for the user to release the B key when exiting the Rosalina menu. This should prevent games to think the B key has been pressed (#1701, suggestion from @Epicpkmn11)
  • gdb: properly handle software breakpoints
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience


[Nintendo 3DS] Luma 3DS 10.3 – Após 2 Anos Sem Novidades
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