[Emulação] RyujiNX 1.1.X

Cobrindo as updates do RyujiNX, recentemente tivemos varias updates maiores, inclusive a nova interface está para chegar oficialmente, chamada de Avalonia como podemos ver;

Ryujinx Avalonia GUI Grid Mode Is really Cool! - YouTube

Além do mais as melhorias atuais:

[/su_spoiler title="Melhorias do RyujiNX]

1.1.137 – 2022-06-02

Fix 3D semaphore counter type 0 handling

  • Fixes a bug where 0 would be released from counter instead of a semaphore payload.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim now goes in-game.

1.1.136 – 2022-06-01

infra: Switch to win10-x64 RID and fix PR comment for Avalonia and SDL2 artifact rename.

  • Windows Ryujinx builds now target Windows 10/11.
  • Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 are no longer supported.
  • Avalonia builds posted on PRs by the GitHub bot will be hidden under an “Experimental GUI (Avalonia)” tab.
  • Headless builds will move back under the “GUI-less (SDL2)” tab.

1.1.135 – 2022-05-31

Rewrite SVC handler using source generators rather than IL emit.

  • Replace all instances of Reflection.Emit from the codebase with new source generators for runtime code generation.
  • Ryujinx codebase should now be eligible for .NET Ahead-of-Time compilation.
  • Fixes black screen deadlock on boot in Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal H.

1.1.134 – 2022-05-31

Refactor CPU interface to allow the implementation of other CPU emulators.

  • Refactors the existing CPU related interfaces (and also adds new ones) to allow other CPU emulators to be implemented. This includes not only JIT-based emulators, but also hypervisors (for example, Apple Hypervisor).
  • No expected changes in games.

1.1.133 – 2022-05-31

Allow loading NSPs without a NCA inside.

  • Homebrew applications that are packed as NSP files can now boot.


[Emulação] RyujiNX 1.1.X
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