Retroarch para PS4 1.84 [Port Não-Oficial]

Sem mais delongas, aqui está o RA 1.84, com um senhor Changelog:

  • The base has been updated to RetroArch version 1.8.4 thus moving 3 versions forward
  • Support for online core updating has been added
  • It’s now possible to use up to 4 controllers simultaneously which will allow for couch co-op
  • You can now keyboards and mice with cores that support them which presumably include ScummVM and DOSbox

  • 7 new cores have been added and these are:
    • Flycast, an emerging Dreamcast emulator
    • Beetle PSX – there’s no hardware acceleration in this core yet since the PS4’s homebrew libraries don’t support all the OpenGL ES requirements that its HW renderer needs
    • ScummVM for playing certain DOS-era point and click games like ‘The Secret Of Monkey Island’
    • Virtual Jaguar, an Atari Jaguar emulator
    • Stella 2014 – An Atari 2600 emulator
    • Vecx – A Vectrex emulator
    • SameBoy – An original GameBoy and GameBoy Colour emulator

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Retroarch para PS4 1.84 [Port Não-Oficial]
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