[Playstation 3] WebMan MOD 1.47.41

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Provisoriamente, novos episódios no google podcast!

Breve update para o Webman MOD, caso não tenha feito debsloqueio do seu PS3, veja no nosso acervo de guias:


Melhorias do WebMAN MOD

🔧 Major reorganization of source code
📦 Added direct download of webMAN resources to webMAN Update menu (Covers packs, Launchers) 🆕
🕐 Updated FPS Counter 2.4 by @TheRouletteBoi (use L3+R3)
🔢 Refresh XML now shows a count of the games found / shows progress notification with SELECT+L3 (feat. #691 by @LuanTeles)
☑️ PS2 config database updates with fixes by @mrjaredbeta, @agrippa, @kozarovv
🚀 Cumulative update (includes over 39 commits to the suite of tools after 1.47.40)


[Playstation 3] WebMan MOD 1.47.41
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