[Nintendo Wii/Wii U] Wii Flow Lite v5.5.0

WiiFlow Lite é um aplicativo homebrew para Wii, usado para exibir e iniciar seus jogos e aplicativos armazenados em um dispositivo USB ou cartão SD conectado a um Wii ou Wii U no modo Wii. Os jogos e aplicativos são exibidos em uma exibição de estilo cover flow.

A partir da v5.2.0, o WiiFlow Lite será simplesmente um substituto para o WiiFlow. Coloque-o em apps/wiiflow e use o wiiflow forwarder para iniciá-lo através do menu do sistema wii. encaminhadores podem ser encontrados em wiiflowiki4. para usuários wiiflow lite anteriores, desculpe, mas você deve desinstalar seu encaminhador wiiflow lite e substituí-lo por um encaminhador wiiflow.

Alterações no Wii Flow Lite 5.5.0 (Inglês)
  • now compiled with devkitppc r39-2 (GCC 11) and libogc 2.3.1-1
  • updated libwolfssl
  • now using precompiled ext_loader.bin since it won’t work after being compiled with ppc r39. use ppc r30 to r37 to compile it if you really need to.
  • fixed when using scummvm.ini in apps/scummvm folder.
  • Added deflicker filter options. (Blackb0x)
  • Fixed video mode patching. (Blackb0x)
  • Plugin filetypes= setting no longer limited to .xxx (eku). filetypes can now be any filename ending plus the .xxx. you can use .d1.xxx or (disc1).xxx for a few examples.
  • Now using regex to only add first file of multi disk/file games (eku). makes wiiflow only show one cover for multi disk/file games. use ‘reload cache’ to redo cover list.
  • WIIU vWii: added per wii/wiiware/vc game an option to set wiiu widescreen aspect ratio. issue #258
  • HQ covers off by default now.
  • added ‘cheats_url=’ to wiiflow_lite.ini under [GENERAL]. it will default to ‘https://codes.rc24.xyz/txt.php?txt=%s‘ but at least now it is not hard coded and can easily be changed by the user if it needs to be in the future.
  • (wii and GC) changed prefer_usb to preferred_partition. defaults to -1 (not used), else 0(sd), 1(usb1), 2(usb2) etc…
  • fixed the playing of ALL banners. i discovered some banners didn’t play properly and i fixed the issue.
  • fixed launching of real nand channels.
  • fixed launching of forwarder channels, but some apps (ie. wiimc and savegame manager gx) don’t connect with USB devices. if they are on real nand use the ‘custom’ option in game settings for these forwarders.
  • fixed launching HBC on real nand. don’t know if its even possible on a emu nand.
  • 480p pixel patch for wiiware/vc games now works without apploader setting ON. in fact leave apploader OFF.
  • no longer modifying cheat .txt file when selecting cheats. thanks to usb loader gx cheat code handling. the state of the cheat is now based on if its added to the .gct file.
  • fixed the 480p pixel patch button in game settings menu.
  • Now launching Neek2o via Crediar’s ES_ImportBoot2 patch (thanks to cyan)
  • fixed using game ID argument for booting of wii game on bootup. It now uses the wii partition set in wiiflow_lite.ini rather than searching for the first partition (sd or usb1).
  • changed emu nand partition settings so they don’t change if you you remove the current device/partition. meaning if your emuand is on USB HDD and you unplug it and run wiiflow the partition will not change to SD (or vice versa). but if you try to run a game it will give an error until you plug the device back in before running wiiflow.
  • added ability to use custom private servers. issue #261. add them to wiiflow_lite.ini like this:


the servers are separated by ‘|’.
use the server name before ‘_url=’

Basta baixar a versão mais recente e extraí-la para a pasta apps / wiiflow em SD ou USB HDD. SD é recomendado. Seu dispositivo deve ser formatado para FAT32.


[Nintendo Wii/Wii U] Wii Flow Lite v5.5.0
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