[Nintendo Switch] Hekate V5.9.0 & Nyx V1.4.0

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Hekate & Nyx é um conjunto do Bootloader gráfico personalizado do Nintendo Switch, patcher de firmware, ferramentas e muito mais, com ele você pode iniciar sua emuNAND, instalar Linux e Android no Switch, copiar e colar arquivos necessários e a manutenção do switch por completo.

Hekate 5.9.0 Changes (Inglês)
  • HOS 15.0.0 full support
  • Fixed a regression on HOS 6.2.0 causing TSEC to hang hekate
  • A new animated ticker line is now shown during bootlogo’s delay time
    It gives a nice visible feedback and a reminder to user to press VOL- if needed.
    It can be disabled by editing hekate_ipl.ini and setting noticker=1 in [config] section. (GUI option may come later.)
    That only disables the ticker for custom bootlogos, not the default hekate one.
  • For new Mariko users, Auto HOS Power Off feature is now enabled by default
    Existing users, can enable it, as always, in Nyx -> Options -> Auto HOS Power Off.
  • Added an error message in case payload launching fails
    Previously it wouldn’t show anything.
  • Support for new dram chips
  • Many under the hood improvements

Nyx v1.4.0 Changes
  • Fluid GUI for Mariko
    Nyx now uses HW rotation which extremely improves render times on Mariko
    The slow and waterfall-like rendering is now gone.
  • Black Theme support
    Added experimental Black Theme aimed mostly for OLED panels.
    Can be enabled in Nyx Settings -> Color Theme -> Toggle Background.
    You need to select Save & Reload after that to really use it.
    For now it’s experimental as it needs some tweaks here and there.
  • Added info about Switch Lite Sharp LQ055T1SW10 panel
  • Fixed an issue that would create a massive stutter each time a tap was done on a window
    Noticeable on Mariko devices since it would create a 1s stutter. (On Erista it’s not visible.)
  • Nyx Options was renamed to Nyx Settings to avoid confusion with hekate/general Options
  • A warning icon together with reason is now shown if fuel gauge is in init state
  • The partition manager, now also does a backup of payload.bin in case a full backup is not possible
    Now the total of backed up items in such a case is: hekate/Nyx files (bootloader), Mariko Warmboot Storage (warmboot_mariko) and payload.bin.
  • Fixed an issue with XUSB which would break USB on Mariko in L4T after UMS usage
  • Fixed an issue where if user pressed the invisible padding buttons on a pop up, it would close it.
  • Fixed a heap corruption issue when entering emuMMC window which could hang Nyx
  • Improved various error messages
  • Many under the hood improvements

Como Atualizar?

  • Arraste e solte a pasta do bootloader na raiz do cartão SD e clique em mesclar/substituir.
  • Não há necessidade de excluir essa pasta primeiro, especialmente se você deseja suas configurações e payloads.
  • Você pode optar por atualizar seu dispositivo de injeção RCM ou PC com o novo hekate_ctcaer_x.x.x.bin ou não.
  • Em qualquer caso, bootloader/update.bin, será verificado e, se for mais recente, será carregado.
  • update.bin é o hekate e já está copiado com o processo de atualização de arrastar e soltar da pasta bootloader.


[Nintendo Switch] Hekate V5.9.0 & Nyx V1.4.0
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