[Nintendo Switch] Atmosphère 1.2.0 (Pré Lançamento)

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Feliz 15 de julho!

O Atmosphère consiste em vários componentes, cada um dos quais substitui / modifica um componente diferente do sistema:

  • Fusée: Carregador de primeiro estágio, responsável por carregar e validar o estágio 2 (TrustZone personalizado) mais o package2 (Kernel / FIRM sysmodules) e corrigi-los conforme necessário. Isso substitui todas as funcionalidades normalmente em Package1loader / NX Bootloader.
  • Sept: Payload usado para ativar o suporte para derivação de chave de tempo de execução em 7.0.0.
  • Exosphère: Customized TrustZone, para executar um Secure Monitor personalizado
  • Thermosphère: suporte EL2 EmuNAND, ou seja, backup e uso de imagens NAND virtualizadas / redirecionadas
  • Stratosphère: Sysmodule (s) customizado (s), ambos no estilo Rosalina para estender o kernel / fornecer novos recursos, e do estilo de reimplementação do carregador para enganchar ações importantes do sistema
  • Troposphère: patches do Horizon OS no nível do aplicativo, usados para implementar os recursos desejáveis do CFW


O que Mudou? (Inglês) - Pré-lançamento 18/10/2021
  • boot was updated to reflect the latest official behavior for display/battery management.
    • This should fix any issues that might result from running older releases on the OLED model, if you’re somehow in a position to do so.
  • The “target firmware” system was changed to allow the bootloader to specify an approximation, rather than the true target firmware.
    • Previously we expected compliant bootloaders to inspect SYSTEM:/ to determine the specific target firmware.
    • Now, we only require an approximate version, with major version == true major version and approximate version <= true version.
    • This greatly simplifies bootloader requirements, and correspondingly all code for accessing SYSTEM has been removed from fusee.
      • This should result in a substantial speedup when booting emummc with fusee, as SYSTEM accesses were the most expensive thing done previously.
    • This should resolve any inconsistency in firmware detection when booting via fusee vs hekate.
    • This should also improve our compatibility with micro firmware releases, making it more likely that atmosphere “just works” if nothing important has changed.
  • Dynamic resource limit determination logic was implemented in pm to match latest official behavior.
    • This greatly simplifies/makes consistent the resource limits on older firmwares, as well.
  • An enormous amount of refactoring was performed under the hood, including:
    • Please Note: If you are a developer who uses Atmosphere-libs, a number of changes here are breaking.
      • Feel free to contact SciresM#524 for help updating your program.
    • The OS namespace had many primitives implemented/made more accurate.
    • Since mesosphere is now always-on, os::LightEvent (which required newer SVCs) is now globally usable (and used by stratosphere where relevant).
    • Assertions are now true no-ops when building for release.
    • Stratosphere is now built with -Wextra/-Werror.
    • Most “common” logic in system module main.cpp files was moved into libstratosphere.
      • Please Note: main.cpp files for prior atmosphere-libs will no longer work, for a really large number of reasons.
    • A number of longstanding code style issues were corrected.
    • Mesosphere now uses util::BitFlagSet for SVC permissions.
    • Mesosphere now puts its relocation table inside .bss, which allows that memory to be reclaimed after relocations are performed.
      • These changes save ~16KB of memory in the kernel, all said and done.
    • A number of locations in stratosphere where memory could be saved were spotted and taken advantage of, leading to ~150-200KB of saved memory.
    • The spl and loader system module was refactored to better reflect official logic.
    • sf ipc server code was updated to only emit mitm/defer logic when that logic is actually required somewhere in process.
    • tipc ipc server code was updated to reflect changes to official logic made in 13.0.0.
    • Many, many other minor changes, please talk to SciresM#524 or read the relevant commits if you want to know more.
  • A number of minor issues were fixed, including:
    • Mesosphere’s handling of SVC permissions on thread pin/unpin was updated to reflect official kernel behavior.
    • util::CountTrailingZeroes() was fixed to calculate the correct value when used at compile-time.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Caso você queira baixar o Pré-Lançamento, faça no link abaixo:
Download Pré-Lançamento

Caso você queira checar se a versão 1.2.0 já tenha saido, confira no link abaixo:
Download Lançamento 1.2.0 ( a etiqueta laranja de pré-lançamento sumirá quando for lançado de vez)

[Nintendo Switch] Atmosphère 1.2.0 (Pré Lançamento)
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