[Nintendo Switch] Atmosphere 0.16.2

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Mais uma atualização do Atmosphere, versão 0.16.2. Essa versão não traz muitas novidades, no geral, há apenas mais opções e correções de bugs:

  • Atmosphère release zips no longer bundle BCT.ini, instead relying on defaults in code.
  • This means atmosphere updates should no longer overwrite any user configuration at all.
  • If you wish to modify BCT.ini config, copy the template from /config_templates/ as with other configuration.
  • Pgl and creport were further updated to reflect differences in official behavior in 11.0.0.
  • An issue was fixed that caused creport to be launched multiple times on process crash.
  • This fixes the “duplicate reports” issue that sometimes plagued people.
  • A new system setting (atmosphere!enable_am_debug_mode) configuring am to use debug mode.
  • If you are not a developer or don’t see a clear use for this, leave it configured to the default (off).
  • Reboot to payload NRO was updated to fix support with certain payloads.
  • Support was fixed for atmosphere’s extension to support homebrew use of new (8.0.0+) kernel mappings.

    In particular, when running tracing debug builds of mesosphère, hbloader now has access to the kernel trace buffer.

    Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.


Fonte: SciresM Github

[Nintendo Switch] Atmosphere 0.16.2
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