[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu++ v24.10.0

TWiLight Menu++ é uma atualização/substituição do menu DSi de código aberto para os flashcards Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS e Nintendo DS. Pode abrir jogos de Nintendo DS(i), SNES, NES, GameBoy (Color), GameBoy Advance, Sega GameGear/Master System/SG-1000 & Mega Drive/Genesis, Atari 2600/5200/7800/XEGS, Intellivision, Neo Geo Pocket , Sord M5, PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16, WonderSwan e ROMs ColecoVision, bem como plugins DSTWO (se você usar um DSTWO).

Melhorias Twilight Menu++ 24.10.0 [Inglês]

What’s new?

  • Added AP-fixes for Inazuma Eleven 3 and Ni no Kuni (Spanish translations).
  • nds-bootstrap-hb’s bootloader is now directly loaded, eliminating the middleman, so booting old DS homebrew is now 2 seconds faster!
    • Currently only applies to DSi-based themes and the DS Classic Menu, the latter of which pre-loads the homebrew’s ARM9 binary for a slightly faster boot.
  • The Direct boot setting has been removed for console SD users.
    • Pre-2009 DS homebrew will now always use nds-bootstrap, and 2009 or later homebrew will use nds-bootstrap if either DS mode or a RAM disk is set.
  • For homebrew with large ARM9 binaries (ex. SM64DSi), all per-game settings except Language and Region are now hidden.
  • With FastVideoDS still to come in the future, an old obscure video player, tuna-viDS (by @chishm), has been added for Xvid (.avi) video playback!
    • See this guide for how to convert a video, starting from Step 2.
  • SNEmulDS has been reverted to the legacy pre-TGDS build to work around a few bugs.
    • As the TGDS build is still bundled, you can switch to it by setting NEW_SNES_EMU_VER to 1 in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/settings.ini.
  • The VRAM mode setting can now be changed for when running NTR games in DSi mode.

O nds-bootstrap é um aplicativo de código aberto que permite que ROMs e homebrews do Nintendo DS/DSi sejam utilizados nativamente em vez de usar um emulador. nds-bootstrap funciona em cartões SD Nintendo DSi/3DS através de CFW e em Nintendo DS através de flashcards.

Melhorias Bootstrap 0.59.0 [Inglês]

What’s new?

  • When connecting to Wii using a Pokemon Gen 4 title, the received SRL file is now booted, and no longer crashes on white screens!
  • Homebrew bootloader has moved to NitroFS in order for loaders such as TWLMenu++ to load it directly.
  • You can now exit directly to TWLMenu++ without rebooting, when running a DSi-Enhanced/Exclusive title in DSi mode!
  • Patch offset cache files have been renamed from romname.bin to TID & CRC (ex. VSOE-82A2.bin).
    • This allows .nds/.srl files launched from within one to have it’s own patch offset cache file.
  • ARM9i and ARM7i binaries of homebrew are now loaded when booting in DSi mode.
  • VRAM_BOOST can now be changed for when running NTR games in DSi mode.


  • Soft-resetting in B4DS mode no longer turns off or reboots the console.
  • DSi SD DLDI driver has been moved to the HB bootloader to cut down the HB build filesize.

Bug fix

  • Fixed battery level showing as blank when first opening in-game menu.

Known bugs

  • The received SRL file from a Pokemon Wii title cannot connect to the Wii after being booted. It is unknown how to fix this.
    • Additionally, when connecting using Platinum, the save data cannot be read.
    • Additionally (again), when connecting using HGSS, a red screen crash will occur (apparently due to attempting to read non-existing Diamond/Pearl/Platinum ROM data).


[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu++ v24.10.0
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