[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu ++ & Bootstrap atualizados

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Mais uma semana na qual dispositivos Nintendo dominam nos homebrews! Hoje começamos com Twilight Menu ++ tendo as seguintes novidades:

Melhorias do Twlight Menu ++ (inglês)

What’s new?

  • Donor ROMs are now only settable when
    1. Running from a flashcard in DS mode, in order to run the few B4DS-supported DSi-Exclusives.
    2. Running from the console’s SD card while in DSiWarehax, in order to run DSi-Enhanced titles in DSi mode, as well as a few certain DSiWare titles.
  • When you get a message saying to set a Donor ROM, you can now press Right on the D-Pad to see how to set a Donor ROM.
  • In per-game settings, a title’s SDK sub-version is now displayed!
  • In per-game settings, when setting DSi mode for a DSi-Enhanced title, VRAM mode is now shown as Auto, as depending on the title, it may or may not use it.
  • The used DSiWare exploit on DSi consoles is now automatically detected.
  • The latest version of S8DS is now included!


  • The settings description text is slightly smaller.
  • (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.
  • Some more DSiWare ROMs can now be set as a Donor ROM (ex. DSi Sound, DSi Browser, DS WiFi Settings, Bejeweled Twist, etc.).
  • Changed DSi mode to Auto, and changed DSi mode (Forced) to DSi mode, both to avoid some confusion.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the long-standing bug of lockups during reading/writing of either the console’s SD card or the CycloDS iEvolution, so you no longer need to close and open the console’s lid (or press HOME and B buttons) whenever a lockup would occur!
    • IPC Sync is now used instead of FIFO.
    • CycloDS iEvolution’s DLDI code now runs from ARM7 (in DSi mode).
  • Fixed the AP-fix for Anpanman to Touch de Waku Waku Training to not require a Donor ROM.
  • Other minor fixes.

Já com o Bootstrap, temos funções novas e melhorias:

Melhorias do Bootstrap (inglês)

What’s new?

  • In the in-game menu’s RAM viewer, you can now switch between the ARM9 and ARM7 memory maps by pressing SELECT!


  • Donor ROMs are no longer needed in most cases!
    • One is no longer needed for games containing THUMB ARM7 binaries while in B4DS mode or when running from a CycloDS iEvolution.
    • DSiWarehax users will still require one when running DSi-Enhanced titles in DSi mode, as well as a few DSiWare titles.
  • Future-proofed for some exploits of DSiWare titles containing MBK settings used for DSi-Enhanced games.
  • DSiWarehax users: If a DSiWare title uses a Donor ROM when running from the SD card, the traditional patch method is no longer used, allowing NAND files such as shared font to be read, thus allowing a few titles such as Dr. Mario Express, and the Japanese versions of Bird & Beans and Paper Plane to boot.
  • (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated in-game menu translations.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed certain DSiWare titles not booting (as of v0.42.0), such as Petit Computer and I am in the Movie.
  • The crash issue in Tetris Party Deluxe should now be fixed.
  • Other minor fixes.

Known bugs

  • When scrolling through the ARM7 RAM, nds-bootstrap will crash after a few seconds.
  • Certain games such as Pokemon Dash and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, as well as DSiWare system titles such as Nintendo DSi Camera and Nintendo DSi Sound still won’t boot.
    • DSiWarehax users can still set Nintendo DSi Sound as a Donor ROM for DSi-Enhanced and certain DSiWare titles.


[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu ++ & Bootstrap atualizados
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