[Nintendo 3DS] Luma3DS 11.0

Após 2 anos sem lançamentos, esse é o segundo release da CFW para Nintendo 3DS, o famoso Luma3DS volta com uma serie de atualizações das quais deixam suas opções mais abertas para configurações serem feitas fora do console caso seja necessario, como mudar o options.bin para arquivo de texto options.ini

  • Migrate the configuration to INI format (config.bin becomes config.ini)
    • This means that configuration is now human-readable, and makes situations like wanting to modify Rosalina’s combo without opening its menu much easier to resolve
    • The following options have been removed from the config menu and moved to be exclusively in the INI file:
      • “Splash duration”: this is because it can now be configured to take any 32-bit value (default: 3 seconds)
      • “Set developer UNITINFO”,
      • “Disable Arm11 exception handlers”
      • “Enable Rosalina on SAFE_FIRM”
    • “Show NAND or user string in System Settings” is now enabled by default, when auto-generating a blank configuration file
  • Essential system files (bootROMs, OTP, HWCAL, LCFS, SecureInfo) are now automically backed up to /luma/backups (upon upgrading Luma3DS, if not already present at that location)
  • Upon upgrading Luma3DS, boot.firm is now automatically copied to the root of the CTRNAND partition
  • Restore extended-remote support (this was broken with recent versions of GDB). Breaking change: use attach <PID+1> (e.g 1 for fs) to attach to a process, as GDB doesn’t support PID 0.
  • Add option to toggle card slot (#1202)
  • Screen filters can now be saved to config.ini and restored at boot (you need to go to “Miscellaneous options > Save settings”). You can now even manually edit config.ini to use custom values for those (within the 1000 to 25100K range)
  • NTP timezone can also now be saved to config.ini; also fix a bug where some timezones would not be reachable
  • Fix a long-standing issue where some system calls took longer than they should, causing lags in some situations (thanks @PabloMK7)
  • Fix calculation of displayed battery voltage (thanks nocash)
  • Fix system version 11.14 not booting
  • Allow out-of-region Download Play functionality (thanks @Pixel-Pop)
  • Fix a rare issue where the Rosalina Menu wouldn’t be displayed during application launch (thanks @Nanquitas)
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience

Se já possui alguma versão do Luma3ds, atualize pelo proprio console, caso ainda não tenha feito o desbloqueio do console, use este guia (vá em nintendo > 3DS > BrowserHAX).


[Nintendo 3DS] Luma3DS 11.0
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