[Nintendo Switch] DeepSea 3.4.1

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Seguindo a update de firmware do Nintendo Switch, temos algumas updates iniciais e acumuladas do DeepSea nas ultimas horas, com os seguintes changelog’s:

O Que Mudou no DeepSea (Inglês)

Release v3.4.0

  • Updated Atmosphère 1.2.5
    * Support was added for 13.2.0
    * General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.
  • Updated aio-switch-updater
  • Updated MissionControl 0.6.3

Release v3.4.1

Hey ya’ll, this is a quick release removing ldn_mitm due to it being broken on the latest firmware. We will add it back once it has been updated.

Thanks to KD#1 for alerting me of this issue

Homebrews do DeepSea

deepsea apps


[Nintendo Switch] DeepSea 3.4.1
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