[PSP / PSP Go / PS Vita] Ark-4 CFW: 4.18.7 à 4.18.14

CFW novo, atualizado, melhorado e moderno para PSP e ePSP do PS Vita. Simples de usar e cheio de recursos exclusivos, o ARK CFW visa manter a experiência do PSP atualizada. ARK é agora o CFW mais completo para o PSP, tendo todos os recursos do PRO e ME, bem como novos recursos únicos e exclusivos não encontrados em nenhum outro lugar!

Version 4.18.14
  • Added support for PS Vita firmwares 3.65 up to 3.74 included.
  • Some cleanup and fixes.

Note: if you wish to use an older version of ARK-4 in 3.65+ you can simply use the K.BIN provided in this release’s VitaBubble folder with the savedata from the older version.

Version 4.18.13 Rev 2
  • Added new files EXIT.PNG and PLUGINS.PNG to the theme.
  • Renamed theme file from DATA.PKG to THEME.ARK for more readability.
  • Renamed custom launcher from MENU.PBP to VBOOT.PBP for better compatibility with ARK-2 launchers.
  • Renamed PS1 custom launcher from XMENU.PBP to XBOOT.PBP for standarization.
  • New themes are now packed into the release. Credits to TheSubPlayer for MaterialDark theme.
  • Fixed bug where autoboot launcher would not work with skip sony logos (#47).
  • You can now run Infinity (and any other updater) from custom launcher or recovery menu, either game or browser apps (#48).

Version 4.18.12 Rev 3
  • Fixed issue where plugins wouldn’t load on certain games (#38), DLC and game sharing. For game-specific plugins too.
  • Cleanup and fix cpu clock code.
  • Fixed plugins manager window size when very few plugins are installed.

Version 4.18.11
  • Added patch to hide CFW folders in retail games.
  • Extra memory is now automatically unlocked for homebrews that are compatible.
  • Fixed bug in Inferno Driver.

Version 4.18.10 Rev 2
  • Implemented Sorting by Name in Custom Launcher (#42)
  • Implemented automatic game loading (#44)
  • Fixes and improvements to Inferno driver.
  • Added option to hide Recovery Menu entry in custom launcher.
  • Other fixes and improvements to custom launcher (i.e scrollbar).

Version 4.18.9 Rev 2
  • Fixed overclock and powersave options not actually working (PSP).
  • Fixed games crashing when inferno cache was disabled.
  • Some other fixes and improvements in custom launcher.

Version 4.18.8 Rev 3
  • Added “Skip Sony Logos” feature in recovery menu.
  • Improved Inferno CSO reads.
  • Reduced Inferno memory consumption by 14KB without affecting performance.
  • Visual improvements in the custom launcher and recovery menu.

Version 4.18.7
  • Improved custom launcher transitions between screen.
  • Several other improvements and bug fixes.

[PSP / PSP Go / PS Vita] Ark-4 CFW: 4.18.7 à 4.18.14
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