[Pokemon] PokeHex 22.02.04 – Suporte ao Legends Arceus

Conheça o Podcast NewsInside a mais de 10 anos online, todo mês um novo episódio, sempre gravado na Twitch!

O Editor de salvamento da série principal de Pokémon, programado em C#, chamado de PKHeX (leia-se PokeHEX!), podendo editar save game de praticamente quase todos os jogos pokémon, incluindo um dos remakes, veja a lista abaixo:

Novidades PokeHEX 22.02.04
  • Introducing Pokémon Legends: Arceus support! Thanks @SciresM, @sora10pls, @Lusamine, @architdate, @ReignOfComputer for troubleshooting!
  • Initial Legality Checking is provided. Please refer to the forums when reporting legality issues for PLA parsing.
  • Save Data is similar to SW/SH; a pokedex, trainer, inventory, and block data editor are provided.
  • Encounter legality has been reverse engineered & modeled to pre-compute possible met locations for overworld interactables.
  • Gen8 BDSP wild encounters are now generated with RNG patterns matching the game. Thanks @Lusamine !

  • – Gen8 BDSP xorshift RNG implemented, now available for PKHeX.Core referencing.
  • – Gen8 BDSP zone unlock cheat to fly to all locations. Thanks @sora10pls !
  • – Gen8 BDSP named constant for BDSP swarms for the event editor. Thanks @MewTracker !

  • – Changed:
  • Internal asset loading speed has been improved (more friendly to the runtime’s garbage collector).
  • Internal value read/writes now work correctly for Big Endian runtimes.
  • Internal value read/writes are now allocation-free; memory allocation for strings has been reduced drastically too.
  • Clicking stat labels now changes nature amplification. Refer to the shortcut list for more info.
  • Gen8 BDSP in-game trades are now checked for EC/PID legality.
  • Gen4 DPPt Swarm & Safari seeds now read/write correctly. Thanks @edo9300 !
  • Gen4 feeding a single low-quality poffin no longer indicates invalid sheen. Thanks Jollygator !
  • Gen3 Item quantity reads now behave correctly. Thanks @MichiS97 (dev build bug)!
  • Gen3 Shadow Monitor now reads all species correctly. Thanks @Mutty99 !
  • Gen2 Odd Eggs and E-Speed Dratini now recognize correctly prior to transfer. Thanks @N-Harmonik !
  • Gen1/2 Evolution chains now return a more accurate min/max level for each stage. Thanks @Ninjistix !
  • Handled more oddball encounters. Thanks @Skadiv & @Ninjistix !


[Pokemon] PokeHex 22.02.04 – Suporte ao Legends Arceus
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