[Playstation 3] PS3 HEN 3.1.1

PS3 HEN foi atualizado do 3.1.0 para o 3.1.1 com as seguintes mudanças:

PS3 HEN 3.1.1

v3.1.1 Release Notes (4.89)
Payload Changes

- HOTFIX: Updated HEN_REV to 0x0311

Resource Changes

Replaced explore_plugin.sprx with OFW version, 4.89 only (Replacement is needed to make sure the old one is overwritten on dirty 4.89 installs)
(4.89) Removed unused RCO files that match OFW (explore_category_psn.rco, explore_category_video.rco, wboard_plugin.rco, xmb_ingame.rco, xmb_plugin_normal.rco)
(4.89) Temporarily fixed display issues with Trophies, Package Manager (it does currently work, but stutters on sub-menu, and has broken icon until HEN enabled), and other XMB items. This fix may have improvements, moving forward. Thanks to everyone who reported issues (@aleks1992, @Colek, @Cyberdev, @Farzin, @H3N7R1K, @LuanTeles, @PopCornLover, @ReMiX2000, @SolidGoldPug, @Xjordy13x, @Yoti) and to anyone we missed!

Se você ainda não sabe atualizar o PS3 HEN, siga nosso Guia na parte de instalação, caso não tenha usado o HEN ou CFW, escolha seu modelo de PS3 e siga o Guia.

[Playstation 3] PS3 HEN 3.1.1
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