[Playsation 3] WebMan MOD 1.47.34 – Novas Opções

Para os usuários do WebMan MOD, hoje vão sair novas maneiras de usá-lo, assim como combinações de botões para outras tarefas (como reprodutor de música, vídeo e outras opções).

As alterações são as seguintes:


  • Fixed a critical bug that caused a crash in the plugin due an missing check for NULL
  • XMB waves now change on each boot if 1.qrc, 2.qrc, etc. exist in /dev_hdd0/tmp/lines
  • Boot sound now change on each boot if 1.ac3, 2.ac3, etc. exist in /dev_hdd0/tmp/coldboot
  • Wallpaper now change on each boot if 1.png, 2.png, etc. exist in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wallpaper
  • Fixed bug mounting some PSXISO stored in exFAT/NTFS.
  • New combo L2+L3+R3 sets XMB focus on webMAN Games (L2+L3+R2+R3 does also a reload_category game)
  • Allows set audio visualization, video player or photo slider as background or “dynamic theme”.
  • Added option to auto-play XMB music on startup of the plugin
  • New web commands: /chmod.ps3, /browser.ps3$music, /browser.ps3$home and /stat.ps3&id=
  • Cumulative update (includes over 27 commits to the suite of tools)
  • prepISO 1.28 now supports exFAT GPT format and fixes creation of fakeISO for exFAT content (mp4, avi, pkg, etc)

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[Playsation 3] WebMan MOD 1.47.34 – Novas Opções
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