[Nintendo Switch] DBI 336 – Instalação Definitiva para NSP / NSZ / XCI

Lançamento da nova versão do DBI, agora na 336 (ou mais nova, dependendo da data que você ler o post), desta vez apenas cobrindo as versões 307 a 316 com o seguinte changelog:

Spoiler title

Fixed bug when working with saves: in the absence of saves, the create new save menu item was not shown, so it could not be created and restored from a backup. The bug was in the display of the menu item.

  • Optional logs and customizable sorting order of games and saves in the lists
; Log "Install", "Check integrity" and "Cleanup" processes
; Folder where logs are stored
; Sorting options for application list
; Sorting options for save list

; Network install sources
; NSP Indexer=URLList|

; Override for display name
; <UPPERCASED TID>=<Desired name>
[Title name override]
; 010023901191C000=Naheulbeuk```

  • Fixed accidentally removed screen shutdown function by hotkey when installing in progress
  • New menu entry:
; Highlight files with updates to curently instaled titles in file browsers

Fixed issue#61

Support for mounting content by MTP for SparseNCA


[Nintendo Switch] DBI 336 – Instalação Definitiva para NSP / NSZ / XCI
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