[Nintendo Switch] Atmosphere 0.19.5

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Como havia falado no post anterior, sempre que o atmosphere é atualizado em decorrer de uma nova update, nós do NI tentamos avisar no mesmo instante. O Atmosphere em sua nova versão 0.19.5 traz as seguintes mudanças como listado abaixo.


  • Support was added for 12.1.0.
  • LayeredFS support was added for OpenDataStorageWithProgramIndex commands.
    • Certain games using newer (7.0.0+ APIs) which include multiple programs under a single title previously could not be modified.
    • These are now supported as normal, and LayeredFS should have 100% compatibility again.
  • A number of minor issues were fixed, including:
    • The Reboot to Payload NRO was updated to allow the OS to save state prior to rebooting (thanks @AuroraWright)!
    • An issue was fixed that could cause dns.mitm to fail when games requested resolution of an empty string.
    • An issue was fixed that caused a memory leak in the erpt system module.
      • This would eventually cause a system crash after ~540 reports were generated without rebooting.
  • A number of minor improvements were made to improve mesosphere’s accuracy.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.


[Nintendo Switch] Atmosphere 0.19.5
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