[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu++ v24.11.00

TWiLight Menu++ é uma atualização/substituição do menu DSi de código aberto para os flashcards Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS e Nintendo DS. Pode abrir jogos de Nintendo DS(i), SNES, NES, GameBoy (Color), GameBoy Advance, Sega GameGear/Master System/SG-1000 & Mega Drive/Genesis, Atari 2600/5200/7800/XEGS, Intellivision, Neo Geo Pocket , Sord M5, PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16, WonderSwan e ROMs ColecoVision, bem como plugins DSTWO (se você usar um DSTWO).


Includes nds-bootstrap v0.60.0

Check here on how to update TWiLight Menu++:

What’s new?

  • @DeadSkullzJr: Replaced AP-fix for v1.2.0 of Pokémon: SoothingSilver Version with one for v1.2.1.
  • Replaced broken AP-fix for SD Gundam Sangoku Den – Brave Battle Warriors – Shin Militia Taisen with working cheat version.


  • @Epicpkmn11 and various: Added Valencian language, and updated translations.

Bug fixes

  • The Ex. ROM space in RAM setting can no longer be changed if title is set to run in DSi mode.
  • Fixed nds-bootstrap not found message not showing when loading DS homebrew, and if nds-bootstrap-hb doesn’t exist in sd:/_nds/.

O nds-bootstrap é um aplicativo de código aberto que permite que ROMs e homebrews do Nintendo DS/DSi sejam utilizados nativamente em vez de usar um emulador. nds-bootstrap funciona em cartões SD Nintendo DSi/3DS através de CFW e em Nintendo DS através de flashcards.


What’s new?

  • 7MB SDK5 ROMs are now pre-loaded into RAM on DSi consoles.
  • DSi mode heap size is now shrunk further for Power Pro Kun Pocket 12 & 13 AP-fixes to work on DSi consoles.


  • Overlays are now only loaded into RAM if AP-fix .ips file contains overlay patching.
    • This avoids having to shrink the DSi mode heap size further than needed, if no patches are to be applied to the overlays.
  • Improved MPU patching code to be slightly faster, along with adding a new patch method for SDK5 titles.

Bug fixes

  • DSi mode heap size is now only shrunk by 256KB on 3DS consoles.
    • This fixes Hidden Photo (EUR) crashing during loading after selecting a photo.
  • Fixed Power Pro Kun Pocket 12 not booting in DSi mode.
  • Fixed Rabbids Go Home not booting in DSi mode on 3DS consoles.
  • SDK5.4 & 5.5 games now properly soft-reset without rebooting the console.
    • As a result, SD Gundam Sangoku Den – Brave Battle Warriors – Shin Militia Taisen now boots!
  • Fixed card read DMA auto-disable not working in SDK1-4 games when using wireless features.


[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu++ v24.11.00
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