[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu ++ & Bootstrap atualizados

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Mais uma semana na qual dispositivos Nintendo dominam nos homebrews! Hoje começamos com Twilight Menu ++ tendo as seguintes novidades:

Melhorias do Twlight Menu ++

What’s new?

  • Limited Mode has been added to TWLMenu++ Settings, and allows TWiLight Menu++ to run in a DSiWarehax environment without the need for an exploited DSiWare/System app!
    • Recommended for testing purposes.
    • General setting replicates the usual DSiWare exploits, and Memory Pit setting replicates, well, the DSi Camera exploit (but has lower DSiWare compatibility).
  • If a DS(i) game’s save size is lower than expected, it’ll now be expanded to the expected size to prevent eventual data loss.

Bug fixes

  • (@lifehackerhansol) Fixed autoboot files for Ace3DS+, R4iLS, and Gateway Blue.
  • DSi binaries are now checked before showing Set as Donor ROM for DSi-Enhanced games.
    • Does not affect DS mode flashcard users.

Já com o Bootstrap, temos funções novas e melhorias:

Melhorias do Bootstrap

What’s new?

  • Donor ROMs for certain SDK2 and SDK5 games are no longer required!
    • (They are still required when running from flashcards.)
  • DSi-Enhanced ROMs containing THUMB ARM7/7i binaries (ex. Fossil Fighters Champions) now require any TWL-type (DSi-Enhanced, DSi-Exclusive, or DSiWare) ROM set as a Donor ROM, in order to run in DSi mode.


  • Minor HB build improvements.

Bug fix

  • Fixed certain games not booting (depending on the console used), such as Naruto Shippuu Den: Ninjutsu Zenkai! Chaclash!!.

Download Boostrap

Download Twilight Menu ++

[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu ++ & Bootstrap atualizados
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