[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu ++ & Bootstrap Atualizados

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Mais uma semana na qual dispositivos Nintendo dominam nos homebrews! Hoje começamos com Twilight Menu ++ tendo as seguintes novidades:

(caso você ainda não tenha o seu DSi desbloqueado, siga nosso guia AQUI)

Melhorias do Twlight Menu ++ (inglês)
  • The DSiWare titles listed in the above nds-bootstrap release page (along with Nintendo DSi + Internet, supported starting with v0.50.2) can now be launched on DS mode flashcards (and as a result, DS/DS lite)!
  • (@Epicpkmn11) Some options are now only shown in the per-game settings menu.
    • ARM9 Clock Speed
    • VRAM Mode
    • Run in
    • Card Read DMA
    • Async Card Read
    • SWI Halt Hook
  • (@Epicpkmn11) Blacklisted settings from per-game settings are now hidden.
  • Slot-1 per-game settings are now read from sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/gamesettings/slot1/.
    • Files must be named as the game’s TID (ex. ASME.ini). The TID is shown on the bottom of the card sticker, and is in between NTR/TWL and the 3-letter region code.
  • (@lifehackerhansol) Added N5 autoboot.
  • Updated Pokémon Black & White Versions 1 & 2 (USA/Europe (English), Japan) widescreen codes for DSi mode!


  • (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.
  • Unlaunch fastboot flag is now set for faster booting!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed NoCash’s Magic Floor being misdetected as retail ROM.
  • The Slot-1 DSiWare to SD option is now hidden, if flashcard isn’t found.
  • (Also a regression:) The Slot-1 IR fix has been removed in order for R4i-SDHC flashcards to boot again.
  • Fixed entering System Settings (in TWLMenu++ Settings) causing a white screen.
  • Fixed module params search code, previously causing the SDK version to not be shown in certain ROMs.
  • DSi-based themes: Cached music files are now deleted, when failed to decode.
  • DS Classic Menu: Fixed font missing with Memory Expansion Pak inserted.
  • (@lifehackerhansol) Added missing file required for DSTWO autoboot to work.
  • (@Epicpkmn11) Remove global setting for Expand ROM Space in RAM, leaving it only in the per-game settings menu.

Para o NDS Bootstrap as serguintes melhorias foram feitas:

Changelog NDS-Bootstraper 0.51.1 (Inglês)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed SDK2.0 games (such as Super Mario 64 DS) not booting.
  • Fixed soft-reset not working in certain areas of some games.
  • Reverted to slow soft-reset method for Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver Versions to work around the black screen crash.
  • Fixed a regression where the in-game menu would not be positioned correctly.

[Nintendo DS/3DS] Twilight Menu ++ & Bootstrap Atualizados
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