PS3 HEN – 2.1.1

Atualizado o HEN para a versão 2.1.1, agora ele possui um ToolBox proprio na categoria Rede, Hibirid Firmware Tools, suporte a 4.82 e HFW 4.84.2:

  • Stackframe Binary
    • – 4.82 CEX supported! Each FW version has its own payload, stackframe, package, and update XML.

    PS3HEN Payload

    • – PSNPatch is fixed, no more freezing from syscall removal
    • – Remap for HFW_settings is now fully protected, no more disappearing HFW tools
    • – Stability patches added on initial boot process
    • – HEN check added to verify if HEN enabled, and to prevent freezing


    • – PKG Linker entries added to category_game.xml


PS3 HEN – 2.1.1
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