[Pokémon] PKHeX 22.05.05 (PokeHEX)

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Provisoriamente, novos episódios no google podcast!

Mais uma atualização do pokehex, umas das maiores updates do ano aliás, cobrindo varios sistemas e jogos e melhoria de usabilidade.

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22/05/08 – New Update:

  • Legality:
    • Added: PLA move mastery/purchased flags are now legality checked thoroughly. Thanks @Lusamine & @Atrius97 !
    • Added: PLA event gifts are now checked for their date obtained.
    • Added: BDSP Darkrai & Arceus encounter data.
    • Fixed: Gen4 Roamers now allowed in Route 45 if the tile it was encountered on is not water.
    • Fixed: BDSP/PLA encounters are now flagged if they have a SWSH Mark.
  • Added: Gen3 RSBox Japanese save files & memory cards are now supported. Thanks @SynapseProperty !
  • Added: Gen2/3 Mail Editor now allows swapping mail slots if you rearrange party data.
  • Added: Batch Editor can now $rand & $suggest EVs.
  • Added: Deleting clones from the PKM Database window now deletes clones in the save file. Box->Delete Clones works fine too.
  • Fixed: Deleting clones from the PKM Database window now correctly deletes all the extra clones.
  • Fixed: Gen8 BDSP save files that have an invalid patch revision value can no longer be loaded (bad rom hacks!)
  • Fixed: Gen7 Inventory editing now retains the Free Space sort index when saving. Thanks @RainThunder !
  • Fixed: Gen6 Hall of Fame editing now saves the TID/SID correctly.
  • Fixed: Gen4 Battle Hall editing now works correctly in the Misc Editor.
  • Fixed: Gen4 SaveFile PCD/PGT collection editing now shows the Lock Capsule PCD slot, resists bad slot swaps, and no longer encrypts item PGTs. Thanks @DeadSkullzJr !
  • Fixed: Gen2 Mail now edits the caption message correctly. Thanks @WonderSquid !
  • Changed: Drag & Drop of PKMs out of the program into Discord now works! Hold shift when dropping to immediately send the file.
  • Changed: Internal refactorings to reduce allocation, increase performance. PokeCrypto, GeniusCrypto, EvoCriteria, PKX.
  • Changed: Gender sprites in the main window now show colored images instead of colored strings. Looks prettier!
  • Changed: Gen8 PLA encounters now generate with a more accurate RNG correlation, resulting in valid entity seeds.
  • Changed: Gen8 PLA noble sprites now show more detail. Still not legal to have in your save file.


[Pokémon] PKHeX 22.05.05 (PokeHEX)
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